Help A DFW Child Beat Neuorblastoma

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As a parent, one of our greatest fears is the thought of our children getting seriously injured or ill. We all know the heartache we feel when something beyond our control is happening to them. Now imagine your child being EXTREMELY ill. Can you imagine the struggle of this? We can and want to help a local family get the best care possible for their child. Please read on to see how you can help.

Our local chiropractor has a giving heart. His practice is constantly raising funds for worthy causes, organizing food drives, or collecting books for needy children. A few days ago, he sent out a personal plea to all of his customers. One of his employee's has a good friend whose daughter was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. While Dr. Braddock and Jenna are both willing to jump in and lend a hand to others, they were hesitant to actually ask for help personally. Can you please help me help this family and thank Dr. Braddock and his firm for their tireless efforts to help others?

This disease is beatable with a fight. Katie-Anne will fight. Aaron & Elisabeth will fight. We need to fight too! Please share this, donate to the fight. Help us help Katie-Anne.

You Can Help

Helping Katie-Anne is easy to do. Just choose a way to donate:

1 From September 18 to October 18 2015, Kids In Touch will donate 100% of all Lifetime Subscription revenue to support Katie-Anne's family. At a minimum, we will donate $500 even if income from sales is less than $500.

Our family has also faced the specter of cancer. From the moment of the diagnosis until the final all clear, our lives revolved around getting Grainne better. This battle took every last minute of our time and nearly all of our money. However, we were and are fortunate. We had great support from our friends, family, and our community. Thank goodness, my wife and our boys' mother is healthy again!

Now, it's our turn to help another family in need. Would you please join us in making sure that Katie-Anne's family is able to do whatever is necessary to get their little girl back to health?

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