Keeping In Touch with the Kids During Summer Break

Kids In Touch Has Shutdown

It's that time of year folks. The kids will be out of school and parents need to figure out what to do with them. Some kids will be off to summer school for a week or two. Some will just be staying at home alone while their parents are off to work.

Whatever the case may be, you might be looking for a way to stay in touch with them. Many parents are opting to go all out and let their very young kids have their first real phone. Unfortunately, giving a young kid a phone costs a good deal of money and opens them up to significant threats of stranger danger.

Kids In Touch offers a cheaper, safer way for parents to text with their kids. The app is perfect for families that have an old phone or spare tablet that the kids can use. Kids can text their parents using an iPod touch or an Android tablet or Mom's old iPhone that's been sitting in a drawer. They can send texts, photos, and videos all without the costs of a traditional phone and texting plan.

Should My Kids Text from Summer Camp?

Summer camp is supposed to be about the great outdoors, meeting new friends, and having adventures. Should we be encouraging kids to text and have general screen time while they are away? If you can get your kids out the door without a device, then please do so. They'll have a great time and have a rewarding, memorable experience.

However many camps are now letting kids bring their devices with them. Some kids might simply be too afraid to go off without their parents. Some parents might be afraid to let their kids be gone several days without some form of communication. In these cases, being able to text can provide just the right amount of keeping in touch to ease everyone's concerns.

My advice is to talk to the camp counselors and find out what's best for your child. If your kid needs the reassurance of some occasional contact, then don't hesitate to let them go and text when they need some comfort from their parents.

Daycare or Home Alone

If your kids are going to be in daycare or staying home alone all summer, you'd probably be more comfortable if you can send them instant messages. Talk to your daycare provider and see what's the best solution for your kids to have enough screen time to get to text you, their friends, and other family members. Sending your kids off to daycare or leaving them home can be a bit scary. Being able to keep in touch can help relieve that stress.

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