Protect Your Child with a Mobile Device Contract

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Most families using Kids In Touch are not at the point of giving a child a mobile phone. We're really focused on families with kids up to about 10 or 12 years of age. Parents with older children may have heard of "phone contracts". These are agreements between the parents and their child about the rules of having a mobile phone.

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However, it's important that parents consider a "device" contract with even their young children. If you hand a young kid an iPod Touch and let them install apps on it themselves, you might be in trouble. You're setting a precedent with them that it's "their" device. Each day of unsupervised use is another day of ingraining that sense of entitlement and privacy.

Now, if the world was all roses and peace and harmony, letting a young child "own" their own device would be no big deal. IT'S NOT. The world is a dangerous place and a child having complete control over a device that opens their doors to the entire world is dangerous. If you've allowed this out of naivete, then wake up!

When I was presenting Kids In Touch at LaunchDFW's Big Dallas New Tech , I was asked, "What about a child's right to privacy?" As the timer for my presentation was going off, I didn't get to answer fully. So, I blurted out, "A child does not have a right to privacy, but parents have an obligation to protect them." That sums it up right there. It's your JOB to protect them. If you don't really "get" technology and don't know how to manage their mobile device usage, it's your JOB to learn.

Fred Campos has a great, personal phone contract with his daughter. It sets clear boundaries and explains the reasons for the contract. It states what he expects and why he's requiring it. This would be a great starting point for any parent. Take it. Personalize it to your situtation, and empower your child to use their device appropriately.

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