Shutting Down Kids In Touch

Kids In Touch Has Shutdown

December 4, 2016

With a very heavy heart, I have to let you know that Kids In Touch is shutting down. No new customers will be able to register to use the app and existing users will not be able to invite friends or family. Existing paid customers can to continue using the service until their subscription expires. The service will be completely shutdown on December 31, 2017 and will no longer be available to Lifetime Subscription customers. During this shutdown period, the app will remain on the app stores so that existing subscribers can continue to download it onto new devices.

What Customers Need To Do

Existing customers with 6 month or 1 year auto-renewing subscriptions will need to cancel those subscriptions to avoid being charged for the service in the future. Please follow the instructions in the links below for your type of device:

Of course, I must explain why I've made this decision. I started Kids In Touch hoping to make it my career and provide a great service to families around the world. I honestly believed that families would see great value in this texting app for kids. Unfortunately, due to many reasons my dream has not come true. Perhaps the app was not good enough (the initial version certainly was not!). I know that I failed at marketing the app and reaching a wide enough audience.

For almost four years, I have developed, supported customers, marketed, and tried to make the app succeed in every way I know how. In this time, I've earned a whopping $5,400 from subscriptions for the app. This amount doesn't even begin to pay for all the services, insurance, maintenance costs, and time required to keep this app running.

Despite some amazing stories of how people have been using the app, it's time to let it go and shut it down so I can get back to spending time with my family and focus on my career again.

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