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Did you know that April is the Month of The Military Child? To help raise awareness of the sacrifices made by military families, Kids In Touch is partnering with Our Military Kids for three months.

Our Military Kids is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose goal is to provide support and recognition to children of military members. Grants from Our Military Kids helps families pay fees so that military children can participate in sport activities, fine arts, and tutoring programs. Basically, they are there for the families of service members when those service members are out serving our country. Watch the 10th Anniversary video on their website to understand the impact they have on the military community.

A service member once said, “Please don’t send cookies, care packages, or socks. Just take care of our children.” Our Military Kids works every day to fulfill this plea.

April is the biggest fundraising period for Our Military Kids. Kids In Touch is honored to be able to help support them. We're donating 50% of all U.S. based app revenue to Our Military Kids for three months. In addition, we continue to offer our Kids In Touch Lifetime Subscription for free to military members of all countries.

Help Us Help Them!

Helping a military family in need is simple. You don't need to put together a care package or go out of your way. Just choose a way to donate:

About Kids In Touch

Kids In Touch is a kid friendly messaging app. It's designed for families with young children that want to keep in touch with their friends and family. The app allows parents to manage whom the children are allowed to text and to review all messages they send or receive. Think of it as Training Wheels for Texting. Kids can send texts or pictures from the iPads or iPod touch while parents can supervise from their own device.

Justin Noel developed Kids In Touch so his young boys could text with their grandparents and cousins in England and others throughout the United States. Having served in the Navy, he saw first hand how detrimental long deployments were on military families. He couldn't pass up the opportunity to partner with Our Military Kids. By combining forces, Kids In Touch hopes to help keep more military families connected and raise funds to support military families.

About Our Military Kids

Our Military Kids was founded in 2004. It supports children ages 5 to 18 of National Guard and Reserve families that often become financially stretched during a deployment. In 2006 the program expanded to include children of severely injured and fallen service members from all branches. The organization provides $500 grants for activities such as sports, fine arts, and tutoring programs that nurture and sustain children while a parent is serving our country overseas or recovering from injury. Our Military Kids is funded by corporations, foundations, private donors, and government grants. For more information, visit

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