Texting As A Teaching Tool

Kids In Touch Has Shutdown

True Story: Last year, right after Kids In Touch became available, my oldest son exclaimed, "Mom! You need to teach Conall proper grammar and punctuation! He never uses commas when he texts me!"

For many years, parents and teachers have worried that texting will lead to less literate children and young adults. Others have suggested that texting might actually increase a child's writing skills.

Regardless of the actual impact texting might have on a child's literacy, kids and young adults are going to text. My advice is to get onboard the program while your kids are still young - lest you lose touch with them.

What's keeping you from letting your kids text? Maybe you're afraid that letting your kids start texting will throw you into a world of abbreviations and slang that you can't possibly understand? LOL, ROFL, @TEOTD, <3, ?4U, 2M2H, BASOR?

If your kids are clamoring to start texting, let them have a kid friendly messaging app. They can text you with their iPod Touch or the family iPad. Be sure to text them on a daily basis. When you text with them, use a tone and writing style that will be a good model for them to follow. You have the opportunity to mold and educate your child in a fun and safe manner. They will love that you’re "letting" them text and not even realize you're using this as a teaching opportunity.

Your kids will learn texting habits from someone. Make sure that person is you.

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